October 31st, 2017

No-Kill Finance is, quite simply, a chronicle of my life as a poorly paid employee at a no-kill cat shelter. I live in Chicago, I’m 25, and I’m a returning student with a degree in fiction writing (working…slowly…toward vet school). Perhaps most importantly in keeping with the blog’s theme, I’m nearly broke as of its founding.

I want to chronicle my attempts to live frugally and save a portion of what little money I earn. I want to keep myself motivated in the work that I do by reminding myself of the impact my job makes. I want to address the difficulties of trying to live on low wages in a big city. (I want to put my training in writing to practice for the first time since my graduation four years ago…)

I guess I want to do a lot of things. Perhaps I haven’t even thought of some of them yet. I hope I can make this blog-building process interesting enough for some people to join me as I figure it out.

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